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Did you know that huge numbers of apparently committed young Christians in good youth groups in good churches ABANDON THEIR FAITH within one year of leaving home?
What can be done about this? Check out the CE story which reverses the whole trend!
Christian Endeavour has launched a most profound strategy for the Church. Pray21 is so simple and yet obvious that you’d wonder why we haven’t all been doing this all along! The Pray21 campaign has now been taken up by over half a million young people around the world.

Pray21 is a short concentrated plan to connect youth, adults and God. It is Step 1 but only God knows what Step 2 will be for you and your youth. We believe that God will empower young people to achieve great things!

All around the world, youth leaders are seeing the importance of training young people. We need to encourage youth to find God's plan for their life and then help them in their quest to achieve it. CHANGE your church's future!

This link goes to provision for ordering materials and to find out more about this significant thing that you can do among the youth of your church.


In the UK, Endeavor Ministries has partnered with United Christian Broadcasters. See their resources here:


CE is not a youth ministry as such. It is a way of doing youth ministry. CE provides a method for conducting youth ministry that trains and equips young people for ministry rather than simply doing it all for them.

Christian Endeavour began on 2nd February, 1881 at the Williston Congregational Church, Portland, Maine, U.S.A., where the Reverend Francis E. Clarke gathered his young people together, following a revival in his church.

That meeting sparked CE. The group adopted the title Young People's Society of Christian Endeavour and 57 young people signed a Members Pledge and came up with the motto "For Christ and the Church".

Within a short time, Christian Endeavour attracted the interest of churches from other denominations and many CE "societies" began throughout the United States of America. China, Scotland and Japan were amongst the next countries to adopt CE.

The first Australian Young People's Society was formed on 5th June, 1883, at the Hope Street, Church of Christ, Geelong, Victoria.